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Başarsoft Nextgen

19 usd

Join millions of travelers around the world and take the journeys that matter. Using half the storage space of many other navigation apps, Basarsoft NextGen is an offline app that guides you on adventures in Turkey. The Basarsoft NextGen app is for those who believe in a purer form of discovery, but want a helpful guide to push them in the right direction, whether you’re traveling in Turkey. The award-winning, full-service app now has improved visualization, accelerated route calculation, reduced storage space requirements, and advanced offline features, making it the best copilot to help you experience the Turkey around you. Find your inner explorer, and hit the road like a pro. No more getting lost, no more wasting time, no more clogging your phone, no more searching for WiFi, and no more distractions. Basarsoft NextGen: for the journeys that matter.What does Basarsoft NextGen offer?- Half the storage space compared to many other navigation apps, saving room for more important travel necessities, such as photos, videos, and music - Fast and diverse route calculation options to find the best route possible- POIs to help you find restaurants, bars, landmarks, malls, stores, and more- 3D landmarks and 3D city maps for clarity and easy-to-process visualization- Offline reliability to keep you on track, be it in a crowded city or remote backcountry- Junction view to prevent confusion when entering and exiting major roadways- Online HTTP TMC: Online traffic feature.